Why Choose Us?

Industry Contacts

When you team up with The Performance Exchange, our extensive connections in the food industry allow you to be confident that we can locate the right candidate for your open position, or the right fit for your next career move.

Food Industry Experience

We all know how difficult it is to find the perfect person for a job, or to find the perfect job for a candidate. With over 20 years of experience in food manufacturing recruitment, The Performance Exchange knows the industry, its trends, challenges and the different needs and cultures of our client companies. We also understand different positions, products, and culture nuances which enables us to zero in on the right candidate for the right position – thus saving everyone time in the process.

Methods of Operating

Our business approach is to create a partnership with our clients to identify, evaluate and present the most qualified candidates for each search. This involves asking questions, developing an understanding of our client’s business, their culture, the scope of the position, as well as an accurate assessment of each candidate’s skills, qualifications and objectives.

Our goal is to place the best-qualified candidate in a position of growth and opportunity. Our business is based on long-term relationships, which is how we build and grow. As a Member of National Association of Personnel Services since 2004, we follow NAPS “Standards and Ethical Practices“.

Our Process – The 15 Steps

After over 20 years of experience, we know that to consistently produce quality results, we need to have a quality process. We follow our proven 15 step process with every job search, so that you get exactly what you need and want.

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