Take a Trip Around the World by Visiting the Yogurt Section

With so many yogurts on the shelf at the local grocery store, it can be overwhelming to know what to buy or what the difference is between Greek yogurt, French-style yogurt and Icelandic skyr.

The yogurt craze began about a decade ago, with the rise in popularity of Greek yogurt. Once only being sold in specialty stores, you now cannot walk down the yogurt aisle without seeing at least three different Greek options from brands like Oikos, Chobani or Fage. The success of Greek yogurt has opened up the minds of Americans to new dairy flavors and thus, allowed the rest of the world to showcase their delicious options on the shelves of your favorite stores.

Greek yogurt is tangy, as yogurt should be, but boasts a thick, creamy texture. This is due to a straining process where some of the whey is drained off and thrown away. The straining process eliminates some of the lactose (naturally occurring sugar) and concentrates the amount of protein. In doing so, the yogurt does end up losing some of the vital nutrients, like calcium. Greek yogurt can be used as a healthy replacement to mayonnaise or sour cream in things like salad dressings and dips.

French-style yogurt is more of a unique type of yogurt. Instead of being made in a large batch and divided into smaller containers, French-style yogurt is cultured and sold in small glass containers. The yogurt itself is not dense, but very smooth and creamy because it is made with whole milk. Oui by Yoplait comes in little glass tubs and has recently made French-style yogurt available to most local grocers.

Skyr is a yogurt-like delicacy from Iceland. It is very creamy and tart, but low in sugars. Icelandic skyr is thick and glossy, and almost reminiscent of a cheese-like product. It is very high in protein because it is strained even more than Greek yogurt. Skyr is usually made with skim or low-fat milk. Siggi’s is a very popular American brand of Icelandic skyr and was the No. 1 selling yogurt at Whole Foods in 2017. With different flavored versions available and easily accessible, Icelandic skyr has skyrocketed in popularity.

With all of these delicious options readily available, where will you let these dairy delights take you?