Preparing for a Telephone Interview

Things to Remember:

  • The objective of a phone interview is to determine if the opportunity is a good fit for you and a good next step in your career. IF IT IS… Your objective is to get to the next step and get invited out by the client to meet key members of the team, see the facility, see if the opportunity is a good fit for you and a good next step in your career, etc.


  • Stay focused and eliminate all distractions. Make sure you won’t be interrupted by barking dogs or doorbells. Avoid speaking too fast, having music or other noises in the background, chewing or smoking, or speaking too close to the receiver… in other words, anything that may create an unpleasant image of yourself.


  • Always project a “positive” image.  Don’t talk negatively about past employers or position responsibilities.


  • Smile – the way we’re wired, it affects the tone and quality of your voice over the phone. Be enthusiastic and assertive. Phone interviews are tough in that no one shakes your hand or looks you in the eye. Percentages can vary but by most estimates, 55% of in-person communication is nonverbal, so having an upbeat tone and speaking clearly during a phone interview really matters.


  • Keep your resume and any notes you want to bring up by the phone. That way if a hiring manager has a question regarding something on your resume, you can reference the resume and focus on the answer.


  • The money question – If you get asked about your current compensation – answer honestly and accurately – don’t hedge.  Make sure to include all the things that make up your compensation – Base, Bonus, Vacation, 401K, Stock options. When they ask what you’re looking for in an offer – tell them you don’t have a “hard” number in mind but that you certainly would expect to improve on your current compensation and leave it at that.


  • After the conversation review the following points so we can determine how to proceed:
    1. Can you do this job?
    2. Do you want this job? Why?
    3. What about the company/position is attractive to you?
    4. What concerns do you have?
    5. What questions do you have?
    6. Do you want to continue the interviewing process for this position?


Prior to the phone interview, we will review the specifics unique to the individual Client with the candidate.