Food Manufacturing Salary Surveys

Are you curious about what others in this industry are making? Have you ever wondered how much on average your specific position makes? Well if you have, you are in luck. We have compiled a list of salary surveys from many different sources for your convenience.


• Food Manufacturing Salary –
• 2017 IFT Employment and Salary Survey Report and Food Technology Magazine Insights Summary – **You must purchase or have a membership to view**
• Food Manufacturing Salaries –
• Food Processing Workers’ Salary –
• 2017 Salary Survey –
• US Food Salaries –
• Food Scientist Salary –
• Food Manufacturing Salaries –


The food manufacturing industry is highly competitive. If you come to find that you are making less than average in your position and would like to look for a new career path, contact The Performance Exchange today and one of our talented staff members can aid in placing you in a career tailored to your skill set and needs. Visit our website at or call us anytime at (727)518-6100 X1000.