Food Manufacturing Resources

Finding relevant information regarding food manufacturing can be difficult and time-consuming. Working in such a niche industry, you may believe there is not a lot of content out there pertaining to your unique career. We have compiled a list of resources, including some of the top websites, online magazines and blogs, to give you access to the latest in the food industry.

Food Manufacturing Trade Magazines & Blogs

  • Food Engineering Magazine is a monthly trade magazine that covers manufacturing techniques in the areas of packaging, processing, food safety, plant operations, automation and material handling.
  • Processing Magazine is a monthly trade magazine that is a great resource for process engineers who work in the food & beverage, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and chemical process industry.
  • Food Manufacturing offers a from-the-field perspective, keeping U.S. food processing plant managers, engineering personnel, facility maintenance professionals and other decision makers fully apprised of new product information, technology and processes.
  • IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) is a members-only service, consisting of the best minds in the food industry. Since 1939, IFT has been advancing the science of food and its application across the global food system by creating a dynamic forum where individuals from more than 90 countries can collaborate, learn, and grow, transforming scientific knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of people around the world. By becoming a member of this great collective, the opportunities to learn, grow and develop are limitless. Together, IFT hopes to create a world where science and innovation are universally viewed as essential to a safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply for everyone. As it states on their website, “[we are] a scientific society with vision, IFT is feeding the minds that feed the world.”
  • Food Processing is a monthly trade magazine and the go-to information source for the entire food and beverage industry. Information about new products and manufacturing best practices are just two of the many things this publication has to offer.
  • Stellar Food for Thought is a blog where experts in about food plant automation, process engineering, design-build and refrigeration share knowledge insights gained from over 30 years of working in the food manufacturing and distribution industry. They cover a range of topics such as food safety, energy efficiency, processing trends, design-build best practices, advances in refrigeration, new technologies, materials and techniques and more.
  • Food Business News is a food processing source for timely news, new products and food ingredient markets and innovations. Food Business News provides up-to-date and actionable content one needs to make good business decisions in the industry. Research & Development and Quality Control are the most prominent topics on their website and in their publications.

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