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“After 30 years of training, I’m increasingly convinced that hiring is more important than training.”

– Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Hiring the right person for the job is the goal of every food manufacturing company. All things being equal, the team with the best talent on the field usually walks away with the “Championship.”


In today’s competitive labor market, candidates are inundated with emails, texts, ads, etc. In order to secure the best talent, you can’t just sit back and hope that they like your ad best… that is if they even see it amongst the noise. We help your opportunity get the attention of qualified, highly skilled individuals by more than just presenting an ad: we become your advocate in the marketplace. As we partner with you and find out what makes your company unique, we share the stories of success, opportunity and challenge with the candidates.

At The Performance Exchange, we know the questions to ask and what to listen for in the response… We commit to present only the best candidates who can not only improve and strengthen your company but those who have been qualified on the position, responsibilities, location and salary specifications in order to minimize surprises at the end of the hiring process.


Featured Candidates

Looking for new talent? Here are some of our current candidates currently looking for new opportunities. To request more information about one of the specific candidates below, please click the “Inquire Now” link and include the Candidate Profile Number in your inquiry.

Candidate Profile – R&D Director

He has his BS in Chemistry, CFS certified and has over 10 years’ experience managing R&D processes and departments in the ingredients industry. Excellent product development experience with nutritional related products as well as strong process development skills. Is conducted cutting-edge research in both proteins as well as hydrocolloids and is well published in this area. In addition to his strong technical background, he has worked with large key accounts on technical issues and requests and has good cross-functional project management skills. #1619

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Candidate Profile – R&D Applications Engineer

He has his Ph.D. in Chemistry and his Masters in Material Science. He has over 10 years of experience in research and formulation positions and has worked with personal care items as well as laundry detergents and some pharmaceutical. He has experience with bio-based surfactants, seeing how new formulations interact in skin. Excellent at breaking down large sets of data and seeing what is important. Excellent project management and organizational skills. #1616

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Candidate Profile –R&D Manager

He has his Masters in Food Science, his BS in Biochemistry and 20 years of experience in R&D, 6 of which in managerial roles. He has worked in R&D directly for meat processors but in the 10 years or so has worked for specialty ingredients processors working on meat/protein applications on an international scale. Strong product development/ project management experience, Stage-Gate methodology, and good at maintaining effective communications cross-functionally and cross-region to fulfill key customer projects and strengthen the overall opportunity pipeline. #1617

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Candidate Profile – Process Engineer – (ChemE)

He is a degreed chemical engineer with four year’s process engineering experience in the food industry. He has worked primarily with ingredient companies with experience in both continuous improvement/optimization work, as well as formulation and scale up. Process-wise, he has worked with spray drying, blending, bioreactors, as well as packaging, and has multi-plant experience working with maintenance on TPM projects, KPI reporting, and managing contractors. Excellent hands-on skills, put himself through college working in the construction industry, great people skills as well as technical, very intuitive on problem-solving. #1620

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Candidate Profile – International Senior Food Scientist

She is a degreed bilingual food scientist with over 10 years’ experience as a Sr Food Scientist with a fortune 500 company. Excellent concept to commercialization, cross-functional skillset and has been successful in bringing new products to market and currently is working on an international scale facilitating new product rollouts with international co-manufacturers. Additionally, she has excellent food safety experience as well as the first several years of her career she worked in quality assurance. She has received awards for excellence, for innovation, and thrives in a fast-paced setting with the seeming passion in getting things done on time and on budget. #1621

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Candidate Profile – Maintenance Manager / Plant Engineer

A degreed Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the food industry. Strong Project Engineering/Management skills, he has experience with both the production/ high-speed processing lines as well as with large ammonia systems and boilers and recently was part of a Greenfield start-up with new state of the art food processing facility. He has overseen maintenance teams in excess of 50 technicians and supervisors, has good PSM, Continuous Improvement, predictive and preventive maintenance skills, and has worked with a wide range of products and processes. #1596

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