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“After 30 years of training, I’m increasingly convinced that hiring is more important than training.”

– Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Hiring the right person for the job is the goal of every food manufacturing company. All things being equal, the team with the best talent on the field usually walks away with the “Championship.”


In today’s competitive labor market, candidates are inundated with emails, texts, ads, etc. In order to secure the best talent, you can’t just sit back and hope that they like your ad best… that is if they even see it amongst the noise. We help your opportunity get the attention of qualified, highly skilled individuals by more than just presenting an ad: we become your advocate in the marketplace. As we partner with you and find out what makes your company unique, we share the stories of success, opportunity and challenge with the candidates.

At The Performance Exchange, we know the questions to ask and what to listen for in the response… We commit to present only the best candidates who can not only improve and strengthen your company but those who have been qualified on the position, responsibilities, location and salary specifications in order to minimize surprises at the end of the hiring process.


Featured Candidates

Looking for new talent? Here are some of our current candidates currently looking for new opportunities. To request more information about one of the specific candidates below, please click the “Inquire Now” link and include the Candidate Profile Number in your inquiry.

Candidate Profile – Director of Research Engineering

Director of Research Engineering with a B.S. in Food engineering and over 20 years working with R&D on process innovation. Simply put – he enjoys finding new ways of doing things and making them better. He holds two patents in each of his last two positions, one being a fortune 500 company, the other a leading food industry consultancy working on breakthrough processing technologies. He has a diverse skill set, working with a broad range of processes and products including prepared foods, frozen, extruded, thermal processing and pet foods. #1629

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Candidate Profile –Plant Manager

He has his MBA, and 14 years of experience working in project management, business development, operations improvement, and cross-functional projects. He has managed a 200 person high-speed liquid portions packaging and processing facility, developed management systems for cost-analysis and financial planning, and achieved $14.1 million in cost improvements. He is efficient in relationship building with all levels of an organization in order to fully improve operations on a multi-plant basis. #1615

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Candidate Profile – Director of R&D

She has a strong product development skill set – 15 years’ experience in R&D, 11 years in management. Broad experience in the health food/organic market, very strong on innovation. For one group she launched over 150 new products which in no small part was responsible for taking the company from a $30 million a year in revenue to $120,000,000 during her eight-year tenure.  Excellent organizational /project management skills, big believer in training and mentorship for younger food scientists. #1625

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Candidate Profile – Key Account Manager – Flavors & Ingredients

He has over 18 years’ experience selling flavors and ingredients to Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts in the Midwest. BS in Food Science, he is currently working with a Clean Label/ Functional ingredients processor and has increased sales in his territory consistently every year for the past 5 years. He won new business that brought in an additional $1,000,000 this year. #1626

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Candidate Profile – Account Manager – Ingredients

Sharp ingredient sales Account Manager, he grew his territory by $3 million in a territory running 15 million in annual revenue. He has his bachelors in food science, associates in culinary, with 4 ½ years successful account management experience in the ingredient solution space. Prior to that, he had three years hands-on experience in R&D developing savory flavors for the food industry. Good key account management skills as well as prospecting skills. He enjoys developing relationships with clients by identifying what they’re looking to accomplish and helping them get there. #1627

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Candidate Profile – Director of Operations

Director of Operations with 13 years’ experience of increasing responsibilities in the food industry. Strong CI/Lean, Six Sigma background. In his current role, he oversaw a reduction in salary one of his departments by $500K with no reduction in customer service or efficiency levels. In a previous position, he reduced shipping errors by 45%. Prior to entering the private sector, he had 10 years of officer leadership experience in the military, BS & Six Sigma Certified. Excellent team building, production management and high-speed packaging skills. #1628

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Candidate Profile – Director of Operations

He is a degreed Mechanical Engineer, with over 20 years experience in the food industry. Fortune 500 Background. He has held progressive positions ranging from Technical Director, Corporate Engineering Manager to Contract Manufacturing Manager. Always with a focus on team building and process improvement. One group that he oversaw implemented over 40 capital projects in a three year period over $100MM in total resulting in a savings of $10MM annually. Strong on plant automation, robotics, and has recent greenfield experience in a state of the art high-speed fluid operation.  #1629

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