Drink Up, Here are 4 Popular Nutritional Beverages in 2018

More and more Americans are caring about their health, the food they put in their body and what exactly goes into the food that they are feeding to their family. While life for most is still as fast-paced as ever, convenience and accessibility of nutrient-dense options are important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional beverages have become very popular over the past few years for their easy access, flavor options and on-the-go capabilities. Here are five trends that you will continue to see in nutritional beverages for the remainder of 2018.

1. Plant-based Probiotics

Probiotics have been a very popular point of discussion in the health community for a few years now. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in the gut and work hard to provide better digestion, while also improving your immune system. Probiotics can be found in things like sauerkraut, kimchi and miso, but most recently in kombucha, a fermented tea. GoodBelly is a company that specializes solely in probiotic beverages. Each one of their drinks contains probiotic strain Lactobacillus plantarum 299v (LP299V®), “a strain proven of surviving the harsh acidic environment of the stomach in order to set up shop in the intestines.” Adding probiotics to your diet, especially through drinks, can help alleviate stomach issues such as cramping, constipation, bloating and feeling run-down.

2. Prebiotics

How do probiotics stay alive and thrive in the body? With prebiotics, of course! Prebiotics fuel probiotics and allow them to stay alive in the perilous conditions of the gut. Chicory root fibers are the only plant-based prebiotics that is proven to aid in calcium absorption, weight management and overall digestive help. Chicory root fibers can be found in a powder form (to add to your favorite drinks), yogurts, smoothies and nutrition bars. Prebiotin is one of the most popular powders available and you can purchase it here.

3. Milk Made from Everything but Dairy

As the dairy industry experiences a decrease in sales, the plant-based milk market is thriving. Almond and coconut milk have been increasing in popularity for more than a few years now, but with options like hazelnut milk, peanut milk, even milk made from oats and brown rice, alternatives to dairy milk are increasing in sales.

4. Stevia & Beyond

Stevia has proven to be the sweetener of choice for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle because it is lower in sugar and calories than regular sugar while being twice as sweet. With many different brands are producing stevia, such as Whole Earth and Truvia, there are many options available including some mixed with monk fruit, brown sugar and honey. So the next time you are in the breakroom grabbing an afternoon cup of coffee, try adding a little stevia to see how you like it.