The Human Factor: AI & Recruiting

Executive Search has changed a lot over the years, from faxing to email, to the Internet and job boards, and now Artificial Intelligence. AI is rapidly making changes in recruiting as well as just about everything else, but the people skills provided by an experienced Executive Search professional are still in demand and very much needed in today’s tight labor market.

I attended a seminar recently on how AI is revolutionizing the recruiting process, chatbots, Fetcher, Mya, ZipRecruiter… “You can post ads to hundreds of sites with a click, prequalify the candidates with a Questionnaire”…

“The best thing ever!”

“Hiring solved!”

“It’s a quantum step forward!!!”

Yeah, well… Take the salary question, did it take into account 401(k) match? Vesting?  Bonuses? Car allowance? When they’re up for their next raise? Cost-of-living differentials? SERPS?

Is the candidate interested? Yes! Great! How many other offers are they considering? Better yet, did anyone tell them that this position could lead to a Director role within a year? No? Did the most qualified person even apply? Hmmm…

Is it a small town? Candidates might look at that and not apply, Greenville is a small town 70,000 people, but it’s a bedroom community for Clemson, has some of the best school systems in the state, in the top 100 cities in the US by, Fortune 500 manufacturing tax base, awesome downtown, and Charlotte North Carolina is just 91 miles away, a city of 500,000… Is someone reaching out and contacting potential candidates with this information?

Is someone honestly sharing the negative aspects of the job with the candidate before they fly them out for an interview? Why is the position open? A new state-of-the-art facility open across the street hired half the plants labor force away… The vacuum conveyor caught on fire and cut the facilities production capacity in half for a month…

Good news –no, but reality for some.  I’ve had a conversation with a candidate regarding a similar situation like that and he came back with, “That is actually good, low hanging fruit.”. Yes, we went ahead with the interview for him. It is very important to talk Learn More

5 Advantages of Using an Executive Search Firm

If you have a high level position that you are trying to fill, here are 5 major advantages to using an Executive Search Firm.

1. Time: What is yours worth?
After sorting through hundred of resumes, most of which do not match your needs, you may be wondering if there’s not a better way. A good Executive Search firm will only bring you 3-5 candidates who have been researched, interviewed, and screened for success. So, how much is your time worth?

2. Passive candidates are not looking
High level “A” players are out there, but they may be unaware of your opportunity because you’ve chosen job boards or postings on your website. You need an executive search firm to get their attention and engage them on why your opportunity is one they should consider.

3. Get the best talent available
Why settle for just those that responded to your advertising. Job postings can be effective for certain roles but they only reach active candidates. Often the best candidate is the one currently working for one of your competitors, and they aren’t looking at your postings.

4. You get what you pay for
And you pay for what you get. A good candidate will pay for themselves. Using an executive search professional to seek out the best talent will usually provide a return on investment much higher than simply hoping that person who applied will work out.

5. Your company is unique – so should be your candidate.
A good Executive Search firm will approach your search with a fresh viewpoint. It’s not about how many resumes one has. It’s about finding a talent that will assist your company’s success, and knowing where to quickly locate and bring that talent to you.

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