Americans STILL Love Their Meats

As plant-based proteins and lab-cultured meats continue to see a surge in awareness and sales, it appears as though meat, the actual animal kind, is still booming in popularity. According to the USDA, American farmers and meat packers produced 103 billion pounds of red meat and poultry last year (2017). Thanks to a stronger economy, 2018 is projected to have the biggest increase in meat production in over 20 years, up a whopping 3.8 percent!

Cheap grain products could be what is fueling the rise in meat and poultry sales. With animal-feed costs down, it is more affordable to feed larger herds than it was only a few years ago. With meat-centered diets, like the Ketogenic and Paleo diet, consumers are focused on having a high-protein, low-carb intake. Because of this, there has been a major increase in meat snack sales. Companies like Oberto, Golden Island and Jack Link’s are creating new products to supply the demand for more easily accessible, shelf-stable proteins. International, exotic flavorings are being added to beef jerky, meats are being added to trail mixes to satisfy high-protein cravings and new meat and cheese pairings are coming in snack packages to cure those snack-time cravings.

Summer is here and as hot as ever all across the nation, companies are ready for everyone to go outside and get to grilling with all new flavors of pre-packaged hamburgers, pre-seasoned poultry and steaks and hot dogs made with REAL meat. Turkey burgers, turkey bacon and turkey dogs have all seen a slight increase in sales in recent years. With less fat than regular burgers, bacon and hot dogs, turkey is a prime choice for those who are seeking to watch their weight but still enjoy to indulge in grilling favorites. Companies have heard the complaints of “tasteless turkey” and have changed the flavor profile of their products to taste more like the beloved pork bacon, beef hamburgers and classic hotdogs by creating wood-smoked turkey bacon, seasoned turkey burgers and deliciously flavored turkey dogs.

Meat sales are projected to break records in 2018, new products are being launched regularly to keep up with diet trends and grain prices are lower than ever. The future of the meat industry in America looks very promising. So go grab yourself a juicy steak, burger or whatever, pop it on the grill and cook yourself up a nice slice of America this summer.