The 15 Steps

These are the 15 Steps we use in Our Process to help assure you are matched with the best candidate to suit your needs.

  1. Review with client our process, client company’s process, and agree to the terms of the fee agreement.
  2. Take a thorough job order and profile of the ideal candidate, and review the most important features and benefits client has to offer a prospective candidate.
  3. Develop the main message. Discussion that addresses career opportunity, organizational structure, corporate culture and value proposition.
  4. Create a search plan: a targeted list of sources most likely to identify appropriate candidates. These sources include networking with industry contacts, executive level contacts, database, and original sourcing calls.
  5. Interview and qualify potential candidates; qualify for ability to perform the duties of the open position, and review job specifications – titles, duties, company culture, relocation if applicable, etc.
  6. Check references with a number of different contacts, including supervisors, peers, customers and direct reports.
  7. Present qualified short list of candidates to client company with our assessments.
  8. Manage client/candidate interview process: Coordinate logistics of interview process, including pre and post interview briefings with candidates and clients.
  9. Help select the final candidates. Consult with client company to narrow down “short list” to finalists.
  10. Conduct pre-offer preparation. Reconfirm compensation criteria, revisit counteroffer and start date availability with candidate. Confirm commitment to opportunity to ensure extended offer will result in acceptance.
  11. Present the offer to candidate including: compensation (bonus, commission structure, stock, etc.) benefits, title, reporting structure, and start date.
  12. Facilitate any negotiation. Keeping client company’s and candidate’s best interests in mind, secure final agreement of terms.
  13. Get a formal acceptance of the offer.
  14. Manage candidate resignation process including written and verbal notice, counteroffer avoidance, etc.
  15. Follow up with your new hire. Track progress of resignation through successful integration within new corporate environment.